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This week in Science:  We are spending time researching National Parks and Madagascar.
Upcoming tests:  No test this week.

Vocabulary Words
Current Electricity: Electricity that is moving
Series Circuit: A Type of circuit with only one path
Conductor: An object that electricity can pass
Resistor: An object that electricity can pass through easily
Electrons: What flows through electricity
Static electricity: Electricity that is not moving
Parallel Circuit: A type of circuit that has more than one path
Insulator: An object that electricity cannot pass through
Battery: A type of cell that can store electricity
Circuit: A path for electricity

Student Spotlight:  
This week's student spotlight is Carter Lindsey. Carter enjoys cheering and shopping.Carter's favorite food is tacos. His favorite subject is Science.  This year he wants to better at Reading. 

Important Dates:
May 7th: 4th Grade Program @ 7:30
May 8th: Field Trip
May 9th: Field Day
May 13-17: Right to Read Week
May 22: 4th Grade Awards @ 1:30

We will be taking our Math I Ready Diagnostic. We will also be working on counting money, making change, telling time, and elapsed time.

Right To Read Week
May 13th - May 17th
Monday: Barn Dance Day. Dress ready for a square dance/hoedown
Tuesday: Author Day: Wear your pajamas to celebrate the authors book, Barn at Night. 
Wednesday: Tractor Day. Wear green or red to support our favorite tractor.
Thursday: Farmer's Market Day. Wear your Right to Read Shirt that Mrs. Wills provided. 
Friday: Petting Zoo Day. Dress like your favorite farm animal or farmer. 

Contact Information                                                      
Phone: 740-774-2003, Room # 206,                                      


Southeastern Local School District
2003 Lancaster Rd.
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(740) 774-2003
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