Southeastern Local
School District
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Supply Lists


12 Glue Sticks
5 Boxes of Crayons (16 pkg or higher)
Pencil pouch (At least 7X10" NO BOXES)
Dry Erase Markers
Tissues (optional)
1 Large book bag (no Wheels)
1 Pkg. baby or Clorox wipes (optional)
1 Box large zipper ziplock bags (Boys)
1 Box small zipper ziplock bags (Girls)
12 or more pencils (please sharpen)
1 pkg. playdoh (optional)
1 8oz. or larger Hand Sanitizer (optional)
1 Pack of markers
2 Dozen #2 pencils (yellow) Please sharpen
1 pair pointed scissors
10 Glue Sticks
1 Box broad tip washable markers
1 Bookbag (no wheels)
1 Box gallon ziplock bags (girls)
1 Box quart ziplock bags (boys)
4 Boxes of crayons
1 Box Expo dry erase markers
2 Dozen #2 pencils
2 Packs crayons
Scissors (blunt tip)
2 dry erase markers
2 Packs of pencil top erasers
8 glue sticks
1 Pack of markers
3 Wide ruled 100 sheet composition notebooks
Supply Box
1 Book bag (no wheels)
4 Wide ruled spiral notebooks
1 Ruler (with cm & inches)
10 Glue sticks
4 Pkg. pencils
2 Box of crayons
2 Scissors
2 Box markers
3 Two pocket folders
1 Box gallon baggies
1 Box quart baggies
1 Box sandwich baggies
1 pkg dry erase markers
Pencil box or pouch


6 Glue sticks                       
8 Broad tip markers


2 Boxes of crayons                   
No pencil boxes/only pouches 

2 Doz. #2 pencils                   
1 Box quart size Ziploc bags

5 Pocket folders (different colors)          
1 Box gallon size Ziploc bags    

1 Pkg. dry erase markers                 

4 Pkgs. Loose leaf notebook paper

Trapper Keeper is encouraged (OPTIONAL)

In the 4th grade the students switch classes. The teachers feel that Trapper Keepers are beneficial in keeping students organized.

5th Grade Supply List 
•    Pencils & Erasers.
•    Zippered pencil case (no plastic boxes)
•    Colored pencils or crayons
•    Small pack of dry erase markers
•    Small pack of highlighters
•    Glue sticks
•    Scissors
•    One folder with 3 prongs and pockets
•    At least a 1-inch 3-ring binder that will be used for all classes
•    Dividers for the binder would be helpful, but not necessary
•    Box of Ziploc bags-small or large
6th Grade Supply List
•    Paper
•    Pencils
•    Highlighters
•    4 Folders with pockets

7th/8th Grades Supply List

1. 2-inch 3-Ring Binder for Math (Dividers are Optional

but Recommended)

2. Composition Notebook and a Folder for English

3. Pencils with Erasers

4. Blue Ink Pens

5. Highlighters

6. Loose-Leaf Paper (Optional)

7. Colored Pencils (Optional)

8. Hole Reinforcers (Optional)

9. Scientific Calculator (TI-30X IIS) (Optional)

10. ½-1 inch Black Binder (If Interested in Joining