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Mrs. Siders' Homeroom
Dec. 5th - 9th

How to contact Mrs. Siders...
Phone - 740-774-2003 (ext.1211)

The new words for this week are on the back. The words this week all have silent letters. The test will be on Friday, Dec. 9th

Social Studies
We will be finishing up our unit on local government soon and beginning economics.

Important dates:
  • Dec. 20th - early dismissal
  • Dec. 20th - Christmas Parties 
  • Dec. 21st - Jan. 2nd Christmas vaction 

Spelling words
  1. whril
  2. third
  3. girls
  4. firm
  5. fern
  6. herds
  7. stern
  8. serve
  9. hurt
  10. nurse
  11. turns
  12. learn
  13. pearl
  14. word
  15. world
  16. stretch
  17. thick
  18. whales
  19. perfect
  20. Thursday


Mrs. Siders' Reading Class
Dec. 5th - 9th

How to contact Mrs. Siders...
Phone - 7407742003 (ext.1211)

Homework goes home Monday, Dec. 5th. Please be sure and send it back each day with your child! I give them credit for everyday that they return it signed

Genre: folktale
Comprehension Strategy: visualize
Comprehension skill: problem and solution
Vocabulary strategy: synonyms 

unique - the only one of its kind
disbelief - lack belief about something 
dismay - shock and surprise
fabulous - amazing 
features - things that are noticeable about something
offered - presented with something as a choice
splendid - very beautiful or magnificent
watchful - watching carefully  

Southeastern Local School District
2003 Lancaster Rd.
Chillicothe, Ohio 45601
(740) 774-2003
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