Week of October 5th

Kindergarten Homework Study Guide 

 *If you know all the items on the study guide and finish the whole packet, you may return it to school before Friday.

* Due on Friday, October 9th
Reading Assignment: 
Games We Play by Noy Saetia 
Point to the letter and say the letter name: 
A   f   S   a   F   M   m   s   T   t
What sound does this letter make? 
A   F   S   M   T
Please be able to read these words:
 you      look      blue      in      to      yellow    we    play    orange  
for      red      is      the      it      my         man             green

Point   to   and   say   the   numbers: 
5    4   6   2   7  0    1    3  
Practice counting to 25 every night out loud.
 Word Families:
_at (fat, sat, cat, mat)      _an (man, fan, can, ran)
Blend the beginning, middle, and ending sounds together to read 
*Know what a circle, square, rectangle, triangle, and hexagon look like. 


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